CC Breckland Open Courses

Courses used in CC Breckland Open Events

B10/ 3A Course HQ: Morley St Peter VH 

B10/ 3B Course HQ: Morley St Peter VH or Great Ellingham VH; 5 marshalls required

B10/ 19 Course HQ: Scoulton VH; 5 marshalls required

B15/ 1 Course HQ: Morley St Peter VH; 6 marshalls required

B25/ 8 Course HQ: East Harling Sports & Social Club; 6 marshalls required

B12/ 2 Course HQ: Lincoln Hall, Hingham; 60 marshalls required
Start to 1st Circuit
1st Circuit
2nd Circuit
2nd Circuit to Finishing Circuit
Finishing Circuit

B30/ 1 Course HQ: Great Ellingham VH; 11 marshalls required

B50/ 20 Course HQ: Great Ellingham VH; 11 marshalls required

5 thoughts on “CC Breckland Open Courses

  1. Paula Robinson

    I have recently joined the VTTA (membership no 5129) and would like to enter your 50 mile TT on Sunday 14th September but am unsure how to go about this. Could you let me know the procedure please?

    Many thanks.

    Paula Robinson

  2. Brian Powney

    Hello CC Breckland – Brian Powney of the Kingston Phoenix Road Club here, I have a couple of club members keen on a good / fast 12 hour this year. Can you please pass this on to the organiser of the 12 hour on 30th July.
    Would like to receive details of the 12 hour course, B12/2 or whatever version is being used this year.

  3. hippy


    Just wondering if any of you guys have a map/gpx files of the B12/3 course that is being used this year?

    Or, are you able to detail the differences from the B12/1 you’ve linked to, above?


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