Riders past and present

Don Saunders
One of the founding members of CCB, Don has for many years been at the helm of the club, as a rider, timekeeper, organiser, chairperson and just about any other job you can think of! Don has forgotten more about cycling than many of us will ever know and CCB wouldn’t be where it is today without him.

Margaret Saunders & Heidi Davis
Keepers of the clock, Heidi and Margaret are pivotal member of the clubs without whom our events would never happen. Always on hand to timekeep at events, the pair deserve every bit of praise for giving up their evenings and weekends to count the riders home.

Mark Fairhead
Mark has played a key role in the club for several years, both as a rider and as an organiser of multiple events a season including the highly regarded 12hour timetrial where multiple local and national records are set seemingly every year. Mark is always out on his bike and is always happy to chat about all things cycling.

Maggie Hamon
Without Maggie we would all go very thirsty and hungry after our midweek and weekend time trials. A longstanding pillar of the club, Maggie is always there to provide a hot cup of tea at the HQ – just make sure you throw the tennis ball for her four-legged friend.

Martin Badham
Our official three-wheeled member Martin is a regular at CCB events, both as a rider and as a marshal. Martin’s always up for a chat and a cup of tea, just don’t mention his off-road adventures!

Malcolm Potter
One of the East’s finest pusher-offers Malcolm has been a stalwart figure of the club since the very early days when he raced alongside Don.

Chris Nudds
Super Vet Chris has for many years led the way in the Vet scene, going faster and faster every season. With years of racing experience under his belt, Chris is a fount of knowledge and always a friendly face at events.

Dave Green
Dave has returned to CCB this season after many years since retiring from the RAF where he was a pivotal figure in the RAFCA. As a formidable long distance specialist and National Age Group Record Holder for 50miles 100miles and 12 hours, you can expect to see Dave breaking new records this year in yellow and black.