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Old cycling stories


From the old website:

27th March 2005:

Great Yarmouth Open 10: Good Friday

Here’s how club members did in the Good Friday open 10 run by Great
Yarmouth CC

Rod Richardson 24:04
Chris Nudds 24:29

Keith Grasby 24:54
Mark Cox 25:18
Laurie Abel 26:30
Fred Garwood
Nick Parravani 27:46
Bobby De’ath/Iain Dawson (tandem) 22:42

2nd claims
Vera Staines 32:54
Matthew Cook 30:53
Richard Bradley 22:48

Well done to all riders, 1st & 2nd claim!

26 mile 2 up TTT at Scoulton

Here’s the results from today’s 2-up at Scoulton.

Please note –
these are the times I took down from the board in the hall, so any
discrepancies/errors are entirely mine and not that of the timekeeper.

As & when the formal results come out, I’ll notify of any amendments
to what I’ve posted.

Many thanks to Margaret Saunders
for being the event organiser. Plus a big thanks to all who helped out,
timekeeper, observer, marshals, pusher-off, refreshments ladies, indeed, any and
everyone who helped to make this event the success it duly was.

A huge
thanks to Dave Green who rode with NathanSimmons. Nathan enjoyed it, learnt a
huge amount from Dave and did a good time without having to fix a bungee cord
between Dave’s saddle & Nathan’s handlebars …

One amended time
I’ve been made aware of.

Bobby De’ath/Iain Dawson 01:02:32

I think that’ll put the placings as: –

1. P Ashby, S Wright API 00:57:14
2. M Pyne, D Staff Anglia Velo 00:59:36
3. K Gill, T Davenne Elite CC
4. Z Carr, G Taylor Team Clean/API 01:00:26
5. R Hobbs, J
Everett Angliasport/Stowmarket CC 01:02:19
6. I Dawson, B De’ath CC
Breckland 01:02:34
7. J Howling, G Rushmore King’s Lynn CC 01:03:26
8. A
Stapleton, I Browning Chelmer CC 01:03:36
9. I Newby, C Ling Diss &
District CC 01:03:44
10. D Green, N Simmons RAF CC/CC Breckland 01:05:40
11. A Pettitt, J Hobson Ipswich BC/AireValley RT 01:05:58
12. E Wells, J
Moss VC Norwich 01:10:07
13. G Smith, C Howe King’s Lynn CC 01:10:07
P King, S Robinson Hitchen Nomads 01:11:20
15. T Garwood, L Abel CC
Breckland 01:11:30
16. M Sutton, A Ford Great Yarmouth CC 01:12:01
17. M
McVeigh, B Foster Eastern Region Velo 01:15:38
18. B Tate, P Laws East
Anglian CC 01:17:49
19. R Legg, M Eastwood West Suffolk Wheelers 01:20:18

20th March 2005:

Norwich 100km audax

19th March 2005, Paul Vergette, Laurie Abel, Tim Garwood & Bob Day took part
in the 100km Audax BP from Norwich. Laurie & Tim towed the others along at
30kph plus for the first 60km to Halesworth so hopefully they will do well in
the Easter Sunday open 2-up.

Ely & District ‘Hardriders’ 25′

A very cold and gusty day in the Fens was laughed in the face of by over 50
riders, lining up to test themselves in skinsuits like it was an August evening

Me, I kept my tights on and opted for a cozy 5 layers up
top including a woolly jumper and a liberal chest rub of vaseline (it works for
channel swimmers?). Getting to the start slightly early, I coerced a
photographer into taking my jacket back to the hall, and instantly wished I had
kept it on…

The start ran through 3 or 4 miles of winding lanes
punctuated by puddles and shouts from a passing local clubrun. The wind
gradually turned to a helpful cross tail direction as I came onto an A-road and
accelerated to 30 mph. This pleasant state of affairs continued for a while,
helping me sail past my 2 minute man. . . but things were to take a turn for the
worse immediately upon making a 90 degree turn onto the A10. A fierce NW. wind
hammered me for the next 10 miles. Steady, strong and unbroken accross the low
fields it ground me down to a dribbling mess of a rider, churning my little ring
and fighting my tri bars for leverage at 16 mph.

Leaving the main road
to cut across to 10 mile drain, the wind moved from cross head to block head,
and I passed a second rider, walking.

As the imposing bank of the drain
approached, and my anticipation of the final downwind leg grew, a rider passed
me. I countered passed him in what hindsight tells me was not a tactical but
more emotional move. Exhausted I stood up and drove myself up to 25 mph., but
the rider matched my acceleration and opened a gap to boot. It was all I had
left to defend the gap from growing for the last 5 miles.

My final time
was about 1hr 12 mins., over 11 mins. down on the winner Surtes, who I had
beaten the last time we met at 25 miles. I collected my jacket and left to enjoy
my post race adrenalin buzz over an irish coffee at a warm place in Ely. I am
disappointed by not performing better, but I guess it is to be expected as I
have much less time to train than last year due to work commitments. I am in
fact pleased with how I felt at the start and finnish of the event, and reckon a
few longer aerobic rides will help me commit to a faster speed in the middle of
the next 25 I’ve entered – Gt. Yarmouth CC.

Sorry to the other CCB riders
in the event for not being able to give details of your

Richard Hill

Great Yarmouth open 25 on BS13A

On 20th March 05, in the Great Yarmouth open 25 on the BS13A CC Breckland
riders put in a good showing on a miserable day as far as the weather was

Richard Hill came second overall with a time of
1:02:29. Bobby De’ath came fourth with 1:03:09. Alan Newark managed 1:05:52,
Nick Parravani did 1:11:02 and Chris Warman, who has not ridden many open
events, did a 1:15:16 – so a particular well done to Chris.

CC Breckland
took the team prize with the efforts of Richard, Bobby and Alan, so very well
done chaps!

The event was won by David Staff of Anglia Velo with a time
of 1:01:23

21st January 2005:

Hillclimb and Freewheel

The morning after the club dinner is the time the foolhardy (sober) amongst
the club participate in the annual club freewheel & hill climb out at

This year the freewheel was interesting with Ken Price
turning up on a fixie…

The position he assumed on the bike was as
graceful as a ballet-dancer in full flight, as he sailed down the hill with his
legs and feet sticking out behind him, and pedals whirring underneath him. If
the descent had been only a little longer, he may have reached take-off speed.

The freewheel was won by Ian Doe, so if you want that trophy, Ian,
come to next year’s club dinner. Bobby won the hill climb, with Iain Dawson only
a few seconds behind him. The full results of the hill climb are as follows:-

1st Bobby De’ath 00:52
2nd Iain Dawson 00:56
3rd Nathan
Simmons 01:01
4th Ken Price 01:02
5th Richard Bradley 01:10
6th Ian
Doe 01:16
7th Tony Reynolds 01:18
8th Emma Hurrell 01:20
9th Thomas
Doe 01:21

Well done to Emma for being the only person of the female
persuasion taking part, to young Thomas Doe for giving it a really good go for
his first attempt and to Nathan for getting up there to third place in only the
second time he’s done the event. And watch out Bobby, Iain Dawson is hot on your
heels for this event next year!

Club Subs.

It’s that time of year when the CLUB SUB is due.

Subs are
due on 1st January each year.

Seniors (over 18) £8.00
(16–18) £4.00
Juveniles (under 16) £1.00
Second Claim £4.00

Associate £1.50

Insurance over, operated by the Cyclists’ Touring
Club (CTC) should be available for 2005, and is an optional additional charge to
your sub.