Club history

Founded in 1975, the early days of CCB saw the likes of Don Saunders, Mark Potter, Mick Gambling and Si Watts take the time trialling scene by storm. During the 70s and 80s it wasn’t uncommon for large clubs to poach fast riders from up and down the country, but CCB emerged with a group of exceptionally fast riders who all happened to live within a stones throw of each other.

Early adopters of aero technology, the group were amongst the first riders in the country to wear skinsuits, a few of which still survive today with the bean bag and sheep skin chamois to boot! The striking black skinsuits, adorned with the iconic yellow stars and stripes, were paired with home made ‘baby bonnets’ to further push aero clothing. Don, Mark and Si would go on to set multiple records at junior and senior levels over every distance up to 12 hours, both individually and as a team.

On the front is Mark Potter, 2nd wheel Don Saunders then Mick Gambling - tucked in behind Mick is the Late Gill Bradley

Mark Potter leads, with Don Saunders 2nd wheel then Mick Gambling – with the Late Gill Bradley tucked in behind

 As the club grew towards the turn of the millennium, CCB became the driving force behind much of the time trial scene in the East. Riders such as Bobby De’ath, Geoff Muller and Carl Mace would have close battles during the summer time trial seasons as the club grew into the East’s primary cycling club.

In more recent years Breckland developed a strong junior scene with the likes of Tom Doe road racing in the UK and abroad, Tom Green lifting the speed in time trials and Adam Cross heading off road in local mountain bike races. A record breaking Declan Davis then emerged, following in his grandfather Don’s footsteps, setting new standards at a junior level in both local and national races.

Declan Davis rounds a turn

Declan Davis rounds a turn

Today CCB has a healthy mix of riders competing in every form of cycling including sportives, criteriums, mountain biking, 24 hour races around Brans Hatch and of course time trials. Look out for the club’s distinctive yellow and black jerseys and skinsuits at your next local event or come along to our Wednesday night time trials to see for yourself what it’s all about.