About CC Breckland


Information for new members

CC Breckland draws its membership from a huge geographical area: from Sheringham in the North of the County, Yarmouth in the East, Thetford to the South and Cambridge to the West – and there are also fortunate members living in France. In any given year the membership hovers around the 100 mark.

The abilities and levels of active involvement in the sport reflect that diversity. There are CCB members from a few years old to those in their 80’s, and from the passionately competitive to the nostalgically reflective. There is room in the club for all, only an interest in the bike is really needed, in whatever form that comes.

Although the club was founded (in 1975) on the strengths of its keen time triallists, and that branch of the sport remains its core activity to date, we have members who regularly take part in all areas of the sport on two, or even three, wheels. CCB members can be found enjoying –

  • Cyclo-cross and MTB events

  • Road racing

  • Audaxes

  • Sportives

  • Numerous charity rides, including the annual ‘Ride for Life’ supporting E.A.C.H.

  • Tours abroad – notably in Normandy and Brittany

Many are just happy to potter around on a bike and some have even dedicated themselves to simply talking a good ride!

The important thing to emphasise is that the club welcomes members of all ages and abilities.

Getting involved

If you are at all interested in looking us over, then you are most welcome to do so – you won’t be pestered for membership until you are happy to join (and it’s very affordable at only £15.00 per annum currently).

Cycling Club Breckland is primarily a Time Trialling Club, and we have members living in several different areas. Due to the way that the Club has evolved, we no longer offer structured Sunday club Runs. We do however, have members that regularly ride out at weekends in small groups – more so in the winter months which are “off season” – who you are welcome to contact if you wish to meet up for an informal ride:
Mark Fairhead (01953 600497) and Don Saunders (01953 884297 – don@iceni.info) ride out from Wymondham and Carbrooke most Saturday mornings.


There are also rides during the day on Thursdays, for those fortunate enough to be free of the shackles of employment. Refreshments are an important part of the ride, I’m led to believe!

During the season (April through to August), there are evening time trials on most Wednesdays at either 5, 10 or 15 miles. Please feel free to come along for a ‘no obligation’ try at the sport – you may fall under its spell! Calendar and location information on the ‘Competition’ page of the website.

You could also come along to ‘club night’, every Tuesday evening at 20.00, held in the Shipdham United Reform Church Hall, for a chat.