National 12 hour update

CCB is now promoting the National 12 hour timetrial on the 1st August.

Due to extensive roadworks planned for the summer along the A14 which will affect courses within the London East district, unfortunately it has been necessary to move the National 12 hour to an alternative course and date.

This year’s event will now be promoted by Mark Fairhead on behalf of CC Breckland/East DC on the 1st August and not the previous 22nd.

If you have already entered the National 12 hour, your entry will simple be transferred over to the new date. If you are unable to make the new date, you can also withdraw your entry via the CTT website. If you had entered the Open CCB 12 hour originally scheduled for the 1st August, your entry will be cancelled & refunded so you can reenter the newly scheduled National 12.

On behalf of CTT, thank you to Mark and his team for taking this event on at short notice.

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