CC Breckland Open 10 – 7th March


4 Mulberry Court, Hethersett, Norfolk, NR9 3FA Tel. 07412 983383 E-mail

Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under their rules and regulations on

Saturday 7th March 2020

Course B10/19 Start time 14:00 hours

TIMEKEEPERS START Emily Davis/Val Hester CC Breckland

FINISH Heather Saunders/Heidi Davis CC Breckland

PUSHER OFF Don Saunders CC Breckland

OBSERVER Don Saunders CC Breckland

RESULTS BOARD Paul Sexton CC Breckland


CARBROOKE ROUNDABOUT Roger Sayer/Rod Hobbs CC Breckland


REFRESHMENTS Maggie Hamon/Ellen Newstead/Debbie Cross CC Breckland

COURSE DETAILS B10/19 –Hingham–Carbrooke–Hingham

START at paint mark on B1108, opposite garage, outside Lincoln’s Hall (HQ) Hingham. Proceed west on B1108 to Carbrooke roundabout (5.5 miles). Encircle roundabout to retrace on B1108 to FINISH on B1108 near farm track approx.. 0.5 miles before Woodrising Road.

Please be mindful that this is a sporting course – there is some surface break-up and the usual bumps, lumps and pot holes to be expected on B classification roads. It is also single carriageway, so be visual and mindful of traffic using this road.

COURSE RECORD 20.18 Lloyd Chapman (Banks/Catford CC) 2017

Lady’s 21.56 Kimberley Morrison (Drag2Zero) 2018

Tricycle 28.42 Don Saunders (C C Breckland) 2013

EVENT HEADQUARTERS Lincoln Hall, Hingham, NR9 4HW

The hall is in the heart of the village so please be respectful of the facilities and the location. We use this for future Open Events – specifically CC Breckland 12 hour.

Lincoln Hall has a good sized car park, please park with consideration. There is additional parking on the area in front of the hall, DO NOT PARK on the grassed area to the left of the entrance (as you go in). There is ample parking in Hingham near to the HQ– if parking in residential areas please be considerate to local residents. As this is a residential area please DO NOT use the car park or area in front of the hall as a changing room.

Numbers and signing on/out sheet will be at the HQ and NOT at the start. Numbers can be exchanged for a free drink after the event.

CTT Regulations and Local EDCA Regulations

In the interests of your own safety Cycling Time Trials strongly advise you to wear a HARD SHELL HELMET that meets an Internationally accepted safety standard. All competitors under the age of 18 and/or Juniors MUST wear a properly affixed helmet, which must be of hard/soft shell construction. Helmets should conform to a recognised Standard such as SNELL B95, ANSI Z90.4, AUS/NZS 2063:96, DIN 33-954, CPSC or EN 1078.

U-Turns will not be permitted on course or roads adjacent to Start and Finish areas while the race is in progress. Any breaking of this regulation in the first case may mean disqualification from the event. Further cases will be referred to the district committee.

Definition: A U-Turn is defined as a 180 degree turn completed within the highway whilst astride the machine. (It is recommended that the rider(s) should dismount, check the road is clear in both directions, then, with machine walk across the road).

Numbers will be at the H.Q. where you will need to sign in before being provided with your number, and can be exchanged for a drink after the event. Note: All competitors – Please note that from 2017 all competitors are now required to PERSONALLY sign the sign out sheet when returning the number. Failure to do will result in the competitor being recorded as DNF.

Warming up: No warming up along the course once an event has started.

Turbo trainers: The use of turbo-trainers is banned at all events with a.m. start times.

All competitors – please be aware of CTT Regulation 14(i):

No competitor shall be permitted to start either a Type A or Type B event unless such competitor has affixed to the rear of their machine a working rear red light, either flashing or constant, that is illuminated and in a position that is clearly visible to other road users.

No Rear Light – No Ride.

Prize money – One rider, one prize, except team prize.

SCRATCH 1st £30 2nd £20 3rd £15

LADIES 1st £30 2nd £20 3rd £15

FASTEST VET ON STANDARD 1st £30 2nd £20 3rd £15


bib Rider category club Vets. Standard Start time
1 Mark Fairhead Veteran Cycling Club Breckland 27:12 14:01
2 Graham Denny Veteran North Norfolk Wheelers 26:45 14:02
3 Linda Hones Lady/Veteran Newmarket C&TC 29:43 14:03
4 Caroline Wyke Lady/Veteran CC Sudbury 30:31 14:04
5 Gavin Lewis Senior Clacton Cycling & Running Club
6 Jamie Sparrow Veteran Kings Lynn CC 26:22 14:06
7 Brian Carr Veteran Great Yarmouth CC 28:13 14:07
8 Lauren Pike Lady/Trike Lincoln Wheelers
9 Donna Hayman Lady/Veteran Newmarket C&TC 29:16 14:09
10 Dan Blackburn Veteran VC Norwich 26:12 14:10
11 Martin Holmes Veteran Ely & District CC/B&T Motor Repairs. 26:58 14:11
12 Gary Smith Veteran Team Velovelocity 26:36 14:02
13 Simon Hardy Veteran Kings Lynn CC 26:54 14:13
14 Allan Schoenherr Veteran Great Yarmouth CC 28:48 14:14
15 Mike Padfield Veteran North Norfolk Wheelers 26:27 14:15
16 Adam Cross Senior Cycling Club Breckland
17 Edward Scarrow Senior VC Norwich
18 David Young Senior West Suffolk Wheelers
19 Alexandra Dix Lady/Senior Crystal Palace Triathletes
20 Jordan Black Senior Newmarket Cycling & Triathon Club
21 Paul Vickers Veteran West Suffolk Wheelers 26:40 14:21
22 Ian Pike Veteran/Trike Lincoln Wheelers 30:17 14:22
23 John Swanbury Veteran VC Baracchi 29:32 14:23
24 Denise Hallahan Lady/Veteran Wisbech Wheelers 30:40 14:24
25 Thomas Carroll Senior Cycling Club Breckland
26 Philip Watkins Veteran North Norfolk Wheelers 27:22 14:26
27 Luke Hurst Senior Ashtons Legal Cycling Club
28 Nick Parravani Veteran Cycling Club Breckland 29:32 14:28
29 Patrick Stebbens Junior Strada 2020
30 Nick Partridge Veteran VC Baracchi 26:07 14:30
31 Andy Kennedy Veteran Ipswich BC 27:07 14:31
32 Chris Nudds Veteran Cycling Club Breckland 29:09 14:32
33 Chris Womack Veteran VC Baracchi 29:32 14:33
34 Mark Ramsdale Senior Great Yarmouth CC
35 Arron Green Senior North Norfolk Wheelers
36 Paul Hayward Veteran VC Baracchi 26:07 14:36
37 Mike Watson Veteran Lowestoft Wheelers Cycling Club 27:17 14:37
38 John Hassall Veteran Bossard Wheelers 29:45 14:38
39 Cheryl Tye Lady/Veteran Plomesgate CC 29:16 14:39
40 Daniel Bloy Veteran Team Velovelocity 26:12 14:40
41 John Swindells Veteran Iceni Velo 26:27 14:41
42 Mark Endersby Veteran Anglia Velo 26:31 14:42
43 Cindy Beynon Lady/Senior DAP CC
44 Hannah O’Brien Lady/Veteran Loose Cannon’s Conditioning 28:31 14:44
45 Timothy Torrie Espoir TBW23Stuart Hall Cycling Gett Taxis
46 Chris Tye Veteran Plomesgate CC 27:03 14:46
47 Patrick Ellis Veteran VTTA 26:49 14:47
48 Philip West Veteran North Norfolk Wheelers 28:39 14:48
49 Matt Lawes Senior Crystal Palace Triathletes
50 Lloyd Chapman Senior Loose Cannon’s Conditioning

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