Club Time Trials 2020

Club Time Trials in 2020 will see the introduction of the South Norfolk Time Trials League, this is a joint venture between C C Breckland, V C Norwich and Norwich ABC. All 3 clubs have seen a drop in rider participating in club time trials, to the point were clubs have considered dropping events altogether.

There are to be 12 events in the league, 4 ran by CCB, 4 by VCN & 4 by NABC all will be run on the Morley course on the B1172 this course has now been given an official course number of the B10/47. The HQ will be at Morley VH, Golf Links rd. The league is open to all local clubs and trophies will be competed for on a points-based system as detailed in the poster on the Club website and in the 2020 EDCA Handbook.

We hope all regular club testers will embrace the work that has gone into putting the league together and support it strongly.

C C Breckland will run an additional 8 events on top the 4 events we run for the league, the will be the four 5 miles TT at being and end of the season with a further two 10’s before the league starts and 2 more after the league finishes. We will still run our own club points championship for 10 miles and 5 miles.

As we only have eight 10’s in total it will be based on best points yield from 6 events.

5 miles club points champion will be based on points from all four 5’s as before.

You will also notice all Club event (except for the League) are to be held on the Scoulton courses, this is partly due to reduced numbers and the loss of the Shipdham clubroom, through the off season period we have been meeting on a Wednesday night at ‘Grannie’s Grotto’ at Don & Heather Saunders cottage in Carbrooke. Once the Club 10 miles TT’s start we switch the club nights to be at Scoulton Village Hall in conjunction with the club 10’s – meeting place for summer period TBC.

Note that club 5’s will use ‘Grannies Grotto’ as the HQ.

Any question relating to 2020 club events and the league – please contact club racing secretary

Mark Fairhead by either email or phone.



2 thoughts on “Club Time Trials 2020

  1. Mark Elmy

    Taken from Events calendar
    “Open 50 miles Time Trial on the B100/4
    Sunday 12th July 6.00am HQ – Connaught Hall (TBC)”

    Please confirm course please (50 mile TT on 100 mile course??)

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