CC Brecklane Freewheel and Hill climb

The traditional postprandial Freewheel and Hill climb was held on 10th November. We gathered at the top of Berry Lane in time to listen to the Two Minutes Silence from the Cenotaph before Martin Badham plunged down to the valley below. My trike didn’t go as far as the bike last year, and I watched as Don Saunders, Mark Fairhead, Graham Wilks, Adam Cross and Rod Hobbs went further. Graham outdistanced Don bu, being in the NABC, didn’t count for the Championship, well done Don again!

Then it was time to conquer gravity, with the following results:

1st: Graham Wilks (NABC) 54 secs;

2nd: Adam Cross 55 secs (Champion again);

3rd: Mark Fairhead 1:18;

4th: Rod Hobbs 1:22;

5th: Don Saunders 1:38;

6th: Martin Badham (tricycle) 2:27.

Thanks to Heather and Heidi for time-keeping and scrawling on the road.

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