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Hi All

As we get deep into the season – C C Breckland have a number events coming up over the next couple of months – as regular helpers to our events could you let me know what you can and can’t help with on the following list:

Weds. 5th June – 25mile open TT on the B25/8 – East Harling HQ – Marshals needed (approx.. 4 – 5) at the Browick road roundabouts and a marshal at the First turn immediately after the start.

Thurs. 20th June 30miles open TT on the B30/1 – Gt. Ellingham HQ – Plenty of Marshals needed (approx.. 8 -10) for this as it turns at Snetterton & Browick road.

Saturday 29th June 50miles open TT on the B50/20 – Gt. Ellingham HQ – Again plenty of help needed (approx. 8 – 10)as this also turns at Snetterton & Browick road.

Weds. 10th July 15miles open TT on the B15/1 – Gt. Ellingham HQ – This one only turns at Browick so less help needed (approx.. 4)

We then have a breather before then national 12 hour on the 11th August – this prestigious event will need approx.. 60-70 helpers.

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