CC Breckland Open 25 – 5th June

We held our Open 25 on the B25/ 8 with the Head Quarters at East Harling Sports and Social Club. As the start time approached, so the sky looked more ominous and it was beginning to drizzle as the riders got under way. Up the course, at Browick, it was dry and remained so for the event. As the event went on so the rain got harder and there were tales of a very soggy last 5 miles. Apart from the wetting, there were no incidents and the majority of riders were pleased with some fast times – only 6 riders were outside the hour. Lloyd Chapman of the Plomesgate CC proved the fastest with 48:24, followed by Harley Matthews with 50:09 and Mark Richards (50:47), both from DAP CC. Fastest lady was visiting Joy Payne from Amersham (1:01:23), and Veteran rider with best Standard was Ken Platts of Cambridge CC with +16:48 from a ride of 55:39. CC Breckland team of Thomas Carroll (55:55), Mike Watson (57:15) and Paul Sexton (59:12), net: 2:54:36 was fastest team.

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