CC Breckland 43rd Annual Dinner and Prize Presentation, freewheel and hill climb.

A great evening at the CC Breckland Annual Dinner and prize presentation with Guest of Honour, Alice Lethbridge. Two year old Maisie also starred, enjoying the raffle to her utmost. 

After the two minutes silence to remember the fallen, we lined up to succumb to gravity near the school on Berry Lane, Honingham. Graham Dilks (VCN) led the descent, followed by Adam Cross and father Paul. Mark Fairhead followed, then Martin Badham, Don Saunders and Paul Fuller. At the bottom of the hill, Heidi was busy with her chalk recording the point we all touched down. Don repeated his victory by travelling further than all other club members. 

And then to oppose gravity: P Fuller (VCN) climbed fastest in 47 seconds, close behind was clubmate Graham Dilks (50 seconds) and Adam Cross (51 seconds) who wins the Breckland shield at next year’s Dinner. Mark Fairhead ascended in 1 minute 11 seconds, narrowly beating Paul Cross by a second. Don Saunders was next (1 minute 26 seconds) with Martin Badham coming in with 2 minutes 7 seconds. 

We then chatted for a while before going our separate ways, some for a ride, some home and some to the Honingham Buck for a good lunch. 

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