A summary from tonight and the results of the last 5 at Griston

Well that another season of club Time Trials done – Big thanks you to Heidi, Heather, Emily, Maggie and Malcolm for all your hardwork throughout the season – despite the numbers being low you have always been there to times us, push us off and feed us.

We had good turnout tonight – nice to see Fred and Pete Bate and good of Stephen Penney to join us.

Tonights race was about having fun – a wide variety of cycle choice from Stephen out is Cervelo P5 to Don on BMC beltdrive complete with Trailer for Great Granddaughter Maise.


The results:

1st Adam Cross – CCB – TT Bike – 11:45

2nd Mark Fairhead-Single speed ‘shop’ bike-CCB-14:41

3rd Allan ‘I will make it to podium’ Holland -CCB -TT Bike14:58

4th Pete Bate – CCB – road bike – 16:37

5th Emily Davis – CCB – Road bike – 16:37

6th Fred Bate – CCB – Road Bike – 16:40

7th Don Saunders & Maisie – CCB – Bike/trailer – 17:49

8th Stephen Penney – Anglia Velo – TT Bike – 19:21

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