September Events

Hi All,


we (CC Breckland) have 3 more open events to get through – We need marshalling volunteers for the following dates:


Saturday 1st Sept. 50 mile TT (B50/20) first rider off 15:00

We need a minimum of 9 marshals


Saturday 8th Sept. GHS – National Youth Camps. 10 mile TT (B10/3A) first rider off 14:00 – We need minimum 6 marshals for approx. 3 hours (at the moment 159 riders)


Saturday 15th Sept. 30 miles TT (B50/1) First rider off 15:00 we need a minimum of 9 marshals.


it’s a lot work just getting the paperwork organised for these 3 events as they follow one after the other so I/we don’t really have the time to chase/beg/grovel to find helpers.

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