Tour de Bretagne 2018

A happy and prosperous new year to all.
At the end of last year the FSGT sent out their latest information on the Tour de Bretagne, no remarkable surprises but I need to make the main payment and send some incidental replies before 1 March 2018, please read the related paperwork, pages 1 to 12 attached. They do not all apply to everyone, look for the page number in red at the top of each one and let me know if you need any illumination. Pages 2 to 5 do apply all of us, they are about general conditions and getting there; pages 6 to 9 are for cyclists; and, pages 10 to 12 are for ramblers. I have done brief translation of the critical parts, let me know of any gaps and I will add whatever it needs. Page 1 is a list of who will be going, whether cycling or rambling, and travel arrangements for the return trip as far as I understand.
Look at your speed group as in attachment 1 and let me know whether you would like to change either from one group to another or to one of the ‘cyclo balade’ groups, where is no specific commitment to being fit enough for a whole day of keeping in a group of other riders out on the road. You might at the same time check that I have written your date of birth and used an up to date postal address. Some parts of the summary are in bold type to correspond with where the FSGT did the same in their French-language versions and make the key parts of the messages easier to identify. 

TdB2018 Page1 

TdB2018 Page2

Page 2 says: –
Dear friends
    We have received your applications and deposit for the 18th TdB, there are 407 in all, 273 for the TdB Cycling, 111 for the rambling and 23 for the easy cycling (no further participants will be possible)  Thanks for your commitment to the TdB over the years, the next steps for the participating clubs are to circulate the information to their members, pay the balance and return a range of forms before 1 March 2018. 
    Let me know as soon as possible of any changes to be made to the information you gave in October, ie. cycling speed group and/or choice between rambling and preferred accommodation.   The FSGT requires me to pay a balance of  5175.00€ for our 23 participants before 1 March 2018, the individual share of which (23 x 220€ each plus an insurance of 5€) minus the deposit of 55€ in October 2017 before 1 March 2018.
   At current rates this comes to £155.00 each, please transfer your payment as soon as you can and in any case before 14 February 2018 to the same account as in October: – Lloyds Bank, Watton, Sort Code 30-92-88, account number 00643961.  This which has two advantages, a big drop in currency charges and avoiding a tedious job for the organisers, one payment from each club as distinct from lots of cheques for small amounts.  My forecast depends on getting about the same rate as in last October, 1.10€ for each £1.00 plus the banks’ fee, £9.50 per transaction.  I will let you know if I am out of pocket! 

TdB2018 Page3

Page 3 says: –
As in previous Tours the number taking part represents a sensible limit consistent with getting the best out of the event, co-operation and discipline on everyone’s part.  FSGT insists on safety and good co-habitation with everyone else, understanding the event, mutual respect, good citizenship and sharing the highway with other traffic.
Based in ERDEVEN, a tourist station in the Morbihan, principal site for accommodation and restaurants the Village de Vacances ‘KERAVEL-Vacances’ on the Atlanatic coast, in ‘lodges’, bed linen, duvets, towels etc provided, no animals.  The distribution of rooms will be fixed in March from information the we already have provided; other than for couples and one or two others there is no scope for making particular room reservations.
On arrival look for an arrow at the entry to show the way, park there to register.  When you get your key, take your car to the lodge, unload and return your vehicle to the entrance car park.
Reception Office, ‘Tour de Bretagne’ and KERAVEL Vacances, from 3.00pm to 7.00pm on 10 May, if you are going to be late please telephone the office, 06-20-64-35-46.  Make a point of calling at the reception office before going to your accommodation.
A large secure space will be available, it will equally be possible to store cycles outside the lodges with padlock and chain.

TdB2018 Page4

Page 4 says: –
Breakfast                 from 7.00am for cyclists and 7.45 for ramblers
Lunch                       from 12.00 onwards, fill your table with any other riders arriving at the time without regard for your club except on Monday, (from                                   12.15pm) when you should sit at the same table as others in your club.  On Sunday the ramblers will be away on a picnic at                                                   Quiberon.
Dinner                      from 7.30pm, with clubs on the same table.

Look for and sign the attached Règlement  Sportif du Tour de Bretagne (Rules of the Road) and send it back to me.  This is an essential formality, I will countersign and take them collectively to the FSGT.
General Information                    Thursday 10 May, 9.00pm in the Salle de Spectacle.
Bar opening times                        At the ends of the morning and afternoon sorties and in the evenings.
Evenings in the Salle                    Friday evening  Cabaret
                                                         Saturday evening Guests’ events
Swimming pools                           Two enclosed and heated pools available.
Maintained at the forecast cost of September 2017: – 220€ (accommodation and restaurant) Plus 5€ for an obligatory FSGT Cycling licence, presented to each rider during the reception procedures.
Each Club needs to make sure that its cyclists are fit to ride that day.
The supplement of 5€ will apply to each rambler cover individual assurance for the 3 days, paid as above with the balance due in mid February, the organisation will be responsible for their issue.
I shall need to sign on the club’s behalf the attached ‘Règlement Financier’ and return in to the organisers at the time of making our final payment, each participant will need to sign on at the reception office on arriving.

TdB2018 Page5

Page 5 says: –
SETTLING THE PAYMENT    1 March for the very latest
The account for the settlement is explained above, 
(see page 1 of the message) with a single cheque to TdB FSGT to Alain Verdeaux etc.  In our case it will my job to make an international transfer, again see page 1 above.
The FSGT has taken out a third-party insurance against claims arising from its own fault.  FSGT Licence holders are covered against personal accidents through their own licences.  Non-licensed participants are covered under the Carte initiative, see final cost, page 3 above.
The event website will shortly have further information, notably the riding and rambling routes which are still work in progress.
Circuits available as of now are to be found on the website: –
Tour de Bretagne                                
Open openrunner, click on >rehercher un parcours< 
enter the pass word                            velofsgt2018
Easy cycling                                          
Open openrunner, click on >rechercher un circuit<    
enter the pass word                            tbfsgt2018cyclobalade
Open openrunner, click on >rechercher un parcours<
enter the pass word                            tbfsgt2018pedestre   

We wish you all a good period of getting ready and to receiving you at ERDEVEN on 10 May for a great weekend of FSGT sporting activity, which sets out to be great opportunity for conviviality and friendship.                                                                                                                                              A bientot!!

Yours in Sport                                                                                                                                                                                           
The organising committee. 

Pages 6,7, 8, 9 and 10 are for cyclists.
Pages 6 and 7 are the rules of the road and the signing-on form.
TdB2018 Page6
TdB2018 Page7
The rules say: –
1 The TdB is a cycle touring event without any form of competition.
2 The organising committee is responsible to The Brittany Regional Committee of the FSGT.
3 Riders must strictly observe the highway code and police orders. (Like the UK Highway Code the French version requires riders to ride near the verge (the right in France), and to stay in single file except when it safe to ride two abreast.)
4 The Organisers and group leaders have authority to take decisions to do with good conduct and safety. Riders are required to observe their instructions and advice.
5 Direction signs to show the itinerary and feeding stops will be provided for each stage.
6 The Tour will be divided into groups of riders of different speeds – 22.5, 25, 27.5 and 30 km/hr. These represent average speeds, which could vary according to weather conditions and topography.
7 One or more groups of lower average speed (Cyclo Balade) have been organised.
8 Each group will comprise about 15 riders, spaced -out on the road to allow other traffic to circulate and to help observe the highway code.
9 Each rider must be physically fit. The organisers draw your attention to the needs for adequate training and a good level of health. Each rider must choose a group suited to his or her strength.
10 Cycles with electrical assistance are allowed subject to the need keeping with their group’s speed and their group leaders’ instructions.
11 It is strongly recommended that each rider should wear a hard helmet to guard against accidents or falling.
12 The organisers have third-party insurance to cover the event. Each rider needs to make sure of cover against liability for public damages and personal accidents.
13 The minimum age to take part is 16 years unless decided otherwise. Parental consent is necessary for riders under 18.

Each club is required to certify that its members understand the rules of the road, please write your name and CC Breckland in the box marked ‘nom du club’ on page 7 and send it to me at the time you pay your balance. I will counter-sign the form in the space marked ‘Nom et prénom du responsable du club’ and forward the forms in one envelope.

TdB2018 Page8

TdB2018 Page9

Pages 8 and 9 say: –
Itineraries and way-marking
The circuits have all been worked out, they are now on the website, see page  5 above.  Return to ERDEVEN every half day.  Each circuit has two versions of either 67 or 77 km for the 22.5 and 25km/hr speed groups and 78 to 93 km for the 27.5  and 30km/hr speed groups.  This repeats the formula used in 2016.  There is to be a route sheet for each circuit with direction arrows as far as possible, there will be no substitute for looking at and following the route sheet.
It will be forbidden to enter the restaurants in shoes with cleats – use soft shoes etc instead.

Véhicules d’ Assistance Sécurité
Each main speed group will have a back-up van for punctures and mechanical faults, with only a small capacity and are intended only for breakdowns.
Small groups will be made up and during April put on the website ><  and sent by email to club correspondentsIt being a bank holiday weekend it is highly likely there will be an increase in tourist traffic, for which reason the number in each group is restricted to 15 – in order to avoid obstructing other traffic and make it easier to share the road with other users.
The groups will be made up from the choices expressed on the lists of speeds,  make sure your choice stems from a serious decision about your prowess (neither over nor under estimated)Please say if you have any particular hopes about the make-up of your group.  For road-safety reasons it will be essential to stick to your group.
Rassemblement de départ
Departures from laid-out areas on th exit road at KERAVEL a ERDEVEN, assemble at 7.45 each morning, faster groups leaving first at exactly 8.00am, followed by the other groups at about 10 minute intervals.  Departures in the afternoons will follow the same method at a time to be fixed while there. 
5 Circuits of 50 km, one each half day, average speeds of about 20 km/hr, no particular difficulties.  Further information on the website, follow the identifying numbers to see the details.

TdB2018 Page10

Page 10 says: –
1    The organising committee is responsible to the Brittany Regional Committee of the FSGT.
2    The rambles are non-competitive. 
3    The organisers and their walk leaders have the authority to take decisions needed to ensure a satisfactory and safe event.
4    Ramblers taking part in the events should conform to safety and other information.
5    Wear adequate clothing, in particular walking shoes are recommended.
6    Participants must be physically fit for rambling and assured of their medical state.
7    The organisation has third-party insurance to cover the event.   Each rambler needs to make sure of adequate cover against liability for public                   damages and  personal accidents.
8    There will be an extension of cover for non-licensed participants.
9    Animals will not be admitted.  
Look for the certificate ‘avoir pris connaissance’; write your name in the box near NOM et PRENOM’; write ‘CC BRECKLAND’ after CLUB, sign it and send it back to me at the time you make your final payment.  An email or the post will do.

TdB2018 Page11

TdB2018 Page12

Pages 11 and 12 say: –
Randonnées Pedestre Accompagnées
Should appeal to habitual ramblers, easy circuits but walking shoes recommended.
Le programme
Three half-day cicuits of 8 to 10 km, by he sea.
Friday 11 am and pm
travel in shared cars, Ria d’Etel and Trinité sur Mer
Saturday 12, a full day on the Isle de Quiberon,
Bus travel to the Isle de Quiberon, choice of two circuits of 17 or 13km.  Picnic lunch provided on the island.
Sunday 13 am
depart on foot from KERAVEL, dunes, beach and small village of Saint Barbe.
Circuit maps available soon on the website >tbfsgt2018pedestre<    Write cc Breckland where the form says  ‘NOM du club:’ and turn to page 12 to express your choice the distance to walk.
‘Formule Randonnées Pedestres accompgagnées, dimanche 13 mai sur la presque’ile de Quiberon
CC Breckland
NOM Prénom        17km    13km
Tick your choice and send your form to me by post or email before 1 March and I will send the whole set to Alain Verdeaux.

I hope the above is easy to understand.  It is later than I intended I lost a couple of days to my computer, which without a prior hint gave up on converting the organiser’s letters into pdf.  Bob Day got me off the hook by putting them, pages 1 to 12 of the attachments on a stick I brought home and added to the message.   Please phone if you would like anything further.

Kind regards

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