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Skinsuit - racesuit

I have received a sample race suit form Gearclub – this is slightly more costly then the standard Skin suit.

The race suit is £66 including VAT the Standard Skin suit is £51.58 including VAT.

The main difference is it is made from much less panels, so therefore there are less stitch seams non of which are overlocked externally there for making it more ‘aero’ the material feels more ‘slippery’ then the standard. The other noticeable difference is the Zip is concealed again making it more aero.

If anyone how has inquired about skin suit which to take a look at to compare – it will be at the CCB clubroom tomorrow night (Tues) or they can contact me. I have enough orders now to place an order, I would like to do this by the end of this week.


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