West Suffolk Wheelers’ training camp base in Italy

Any members interested in this please contact Justin.


I am a member of the West Suffolk Wheelers, and for the last few years I have organised the club’s spring training camp. The reason for the email is to see if any of your members would be interested in receiving information about the training camp’s base at the Hotel Riz, Cesenatico, Italy.

We have been going there since 2006 and haven’t found anywhere that compares to the value and quality. Germans and Austrians discovered Cesenatico years ago but the Brits have been thin on the ground. Hotel Riz is keen to attract more British clubs, and have constructed a new English language website – http://www.cyclinitaly.com/

As an awareness raiser the Riz is planning a three day convention at the end of September. It’ll comprise guided rides, tours of local attractions and use of the hotel facilities. It will be free of charge for up to two club representatives. There will just be the air fares and bus transfer to pay for. I attended one in 2007 and it was a great weekend. This year’s convention will be held on either 19-21 September or 26-28 September, depending on flights and peoples preferences.

If you are interested, I am happy to let you have more information on the hotel, town, training routes and the convention. Either by email or phone – 01359 232 151.

Best regards

Justin Wallace

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