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20 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Alan LLOyd

    A few of us from Lewes Wanderers cycling club are planning to have a bash at your 12 event and are thinking of making a long weekend of it.
    Can anybody recommend a nearby BB that would be prepared to put us up for a few nights and would not mind us getting up at some unearthly hour on the day of the race.

  2. Tim Willmer

    Hi I work in Hingham during the week and am a keen time trial rider, am I able to come along to your club TT’s if I am not a member?
    Many thanks

    1. adam

      Hi Tim,
      Yes of course you are. The first few times you ride you can compete as a ‘Come and Try’ and after that you can decide whether to become a member or not.
      Hope to see you at the next event.

  3. justin wallace

    Would you please pass on a message for Don Saunders, please.

    The West Suffolk Wheelers are celebrating their 90th anniversary on Saturday 5 May. As an ex member you are most welcome to attend. There’s a 90km ride at 9am and an afternoon party. The details are on the Wheelers’ website:
    Please pass this on to any other past members you know of. Thanks.

    Justin Wallace

  4. Oliver

    Hi there,
    Am hoping to do the North Tuddenham club TT tomorrow evening but don’t know where the meeting point is. If someone could let me know it’d be much appreciated….

  5. Matt smith

    Just ridden your 60 slowest tt and would like to say thank you for a great event and the warm welcome. After many years on/off racing crits and road races I’ve crossed over to the darkside of time trailing. After doing a few of my club events (GYCC) I took the dive into open events and loving every minute ( less the better ) of it. Sorry for the school boy errors of turning near the start and for the iPod in, lessons learned.
    Never really come across many of your members over the years but would like to say what a great group of people, spoke to a few during the evening very friendly and approachable. Hope to do many more of your events, bitten buy the bug of testing.

  6. Louis


    I’d like to have a go at some TT’s and was wondering if I would be able to do the Wednesday 16th June Griston one as a non-member and if all goes well probably join up. If thats ok do I just need to go to the start point for 7 or the village hall as thats mentioned in the box for it on the calender.


  7. jimmy sutton

    hi,am jimmy have moved back into the are.I was hoping through this forum to make contact with someone on here. Have lost contact with an old friend of mine who i believe might be with your club.His name is Mark Solley last heard he was in Diss and may have changed his location and phone.Can anyone help me,as i would like to meet up and surprise him.Hopefully it would be between ourselves-i know he likes surprises.
    Many thanks


    1. Adam

      As far as I know, he still rides for Diss and District CC. After that I can’t help you unfortunately. The other members with their contact details on here maybe able to help you. Good luck, Adam

  8. Chris Nudds

    I’m sure that we have all noticed the ever increasing preponderence of nasty potholes as the winter progresses. Some that Roger and I have just missed in the South Norfolk area have been potential wheelbreakers, or even killers.

    Could I encourage all CCB members to use the very useful site which I have used successfully for the past year. It’s free, simple to use and very effective, with most holes being repaired within 5 days.
    One nasty patch in Cringleford was dug up and completely resurfaced the next day!! It is usefull to make an accurate description ( add photos if you wish, I havent bothered so far with the 42 holes that I”ve reported) and include a reference such as ‘ dangerous to cycles/ motor bikes/ damaging to cars’ etc.

    As an additional note could CCB please pass this info to other East District clubs so that holes like those on the B10/44 get repaired ( use of this site is always most effective when reported by someone using a postcode local to the problem)


    hris Nudds

  9. Jane

    Norfolk & Norwich Association for the Blind


    I am the sports & activities coordinator for the above association. For many years we have had tandems available at our Norwich centre in Magpie Road. I am very keen to get more tandems out into various parts of the county and wondered if you would be kind enough to circulate the information below to your club members and any other contacts within the cycling world of Norfolk !

    Volunteers Needed !!

    Cyclists who would like to become volunteers with the Norfolk & Norwich Association for the Blind

    We offer training in Visual Awareness, Front Rider training on tandems, the chance to make new friends and help to offer a sport which is often unavailable to visually impaired people in the more remote areas of the county.

    If you are interested please email or ring Jane on 01603 629558 for a chat. Please feel free to contact me even if you are not up for tandem riding but would like to know more about volunteering


  10. Ellie Knappett

    Hi, I would like to introduce Ellie’s coffee shop in the village of Feltwell as a potential meeting point/ refreshment stop for your ride outs .
    We are situated within “The Sanctuary ” at 49 High Street , Feltwell ,IP26 4AF and offer a range of hot and cold food and drink to refresh and refuel you .
    We enjoy the company of numerous cyclists, either visiting the area on holiday or on local rides and can offer secure cycle parking and a warm welcome with seating for 20 people .
    We are open Tuesday to Saturday from 9am to 4pm , though this is flexible with advance notice .
    If you would like to make us your destination or midway stop off point we can be contacted on 01842 829842 , we are happy to see you at any time but a pre call will ensure the kettle is on !
    Ellie x

  11. Ian Quenby

    Hi, I was wondering if I could come to tonight’s meeting as I see its am AGM for members only as well. I would like to find out more about the Thursday runs and also about joining the club?

    Many thanks, Ian.

    1. Martin Badham

      Late in approving, Sorry Ian. Good to see you at the meeting on Tuesday and briefly today at Purdy’s. Ian was early, I was late and the few there between didn’t know he was coming. See you at Lenwade next Thursday if not before. Martin

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