Results from Tonight Tuddenham 10 – 23rd May

A much better turnout this week – must be something to with being greeted by blue sky’s and sunshine although it was quite breezy and being a North Easterly a tad on the chilly side – didn’t seem to slow Adam down as he rode well to take the win.

1st Adam Cross CCB 23.09
2nd James Walsgrove Ride Harder 24.21
3rd J Wyatt Audax Club 24.56
4th Trevor Minshall Ride Harder 25.25
5th Mark Fairhead CCB 26.23
6th Rachel Holman Ride Harder 26.24
7th Mick Wood CCB 26.44
8th Sally Withey Team Swift 26.48
9th R Morris-Jones Wensum V. 27.04
10th Jonathan Briggs Ride Harder 27.10
11th Mike Bayley Rider Harder 27.19
12th Robert Walthew CCB 28.37
13th Alan Holland CCB 31.33
14th Paul Cross CCB 31.54

Paul Hewitt CCB 20.40 (1 lap)
Peter Fuller VCN DNF.

Next weeks event will be different from CCB website and EDCA handbook – please check for notification on CCB FB page and website.

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