Postprandial Freewheel and Hillclimb

Seven hardy souls gathered at Berry Lane Hill and, after two minutes silence in honour of the fallen, took part in the Annual Freewheeling Competition with Keith Lawton as Starting Steward. Guest Adrian Hills, up from Sussex, travelled the furthest distance, narrowly beating Reigning Champion – Don Saunders. Not far behind was Adam Cross, then Alex Bailey. A gap before Paul Cross and Martin Badham completed that part of the morning’s competition. Having descended, we lined up for the ascent. Martin maintained his hold on the lanterne rouge with the rest spread between him and the “Angel of Berry Lane” Adam Cross, the only one beating the minute. Rod Hobbs arrived just in time to partake in the anti-gravity game. 

Results:      Freewheel         Hillclimb

  1.           Adrian Hills             Adam Cross      50 secs
  2.           Don Saunders         Alex Bailey        1 min 4 secs
  3.           Adam Cross            Paul Cross         1 min 14 secs
  4.           Alex Bailey              Rod Hobbs        1 min 22 secs
  5.           Paul Cross              Don Saunders    1 min 25 secs
  6.           Martin Badham      Adrian Hills        1 min 37 secs
  7.                ~~~                  Martin Badham  1 min 54 secs

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