Tour de Bretagne 2018

 Good evening one and all
It will soon be time recruit members to the list for next year’s TdB,
hence this message.  I will shortly ask Martin to put a notice on the
CCB website, in French, when you get to be read it it will say: –
1    next year’s event will be in Erdeven (the same place as in 2016),
in the Morbihan – southern Brittanny.
2    The tour will run from 10 to 13 May 2018, two and a half days of
riding at the usual speed groups and rambling.
3    There will room for 450 to take part, accommodation ingites,
chalets and mobile homes, the usual restaurant service.
4    Price not yet fixed, always a good bargain in the past, more
information soon.
5    Opening date for reservations will be 1 October 2017, first come
first to be accommodated, 450 is reasonable for the size of the event
but needs to be treated as a firm limit.

At this stage I should like simply to know whether you, other members of
your family and CCB members who have consistently been in the past would
like to go.  The website information will be in the form of a four-page
leaflet.  Take look at your subscription’s record and cover gaps in
recent years (2016 for starting point) and if you are interested let me
know within the week starting 25 September.  Happy reading of the
leaflet when in appears on the website.  We are away until 28 September
but it ought to be a simple job to answer any questions in good time for
you to decide.  Let me know of any gaps in the present circulation list
and I cover my errors where I can.  A full version will come round in
October, complete with prices, distances to cycled and walked each day
and translation into English of the critical bits, including the means
for paying the subscriptions.

Kind regards

18ème Tour de Bretagne Vélo FSGT

A translation follows:

Page 2                                       ‘Site d’Accueil’
Holiday Village ‘Keravel’ at Erdeven, open from the afternoon onwards 10
May.  Places for up to 450, with restaurants and accommodation in
chalets etc., reserved exclusively for cyclists and ramblers.  Places
for camping cars and caravans nearby.
Reservations by invitation from 1 October for FSGT affiliates and clubs
from outside Brittany that took part in 2016.  Reservations are to be
through FSGT clubs (includes CCB) by post addressed to the committee in
Brittany.  To be taken in order of arrival up to the limit of the 450
places available for accommodation and restaurant services.  Provisional
tariff about € 220, deposit of €50 to be paid with reservations, not
normally refundable, the main payment will need to be made by 1 March 2018.

Page 3                                         ‘Programme Sportif’
The event is spread over 3 days: – Friday 11 May, Saturday 12 May and
the morning of Sunday 13 May 2018.
Under the general title of TOUR of BRITTANY: – 5 new circuits each
half-day, four speed groups. In small groups of up to 20 riders.
Distances of 70km for the 22.5 and 25 kh/hr groups and 80 to 85 km for
the 27 and 30 km/hr 20 cyclists. Direction arrows, assistance vehicles
and feeding stops on each stage.  Main tourist sites: – Port et Ria d’
Etel, Port Louis, Auray, Carnac, Ta Trinité sur Mer, Quiberon
Peninsular, Locmariaquier….easy going or moderate slopes.
Under the general title CYCLO BALADE (bike ride) 5 circuits of half a
day, 50 km at moderate speeds, easy going slopes.  main tourist features
as in Tour de Bretagne
                                                ‘Randonnees Pedestres’
3 circuits of a half day each, 8 to 10 km and one whole day circuit of
15 to 18km with a picnic.  No difficult surfaces, gentle slopes.

Page 4                                                    ‘ Animations’
Holiday Village exclusively for the Tour de Bretagne: – covered and
heated swimming pools, Pétanque ground, tennis courts, gym, bars and
evening entertainments in a large hall.
Over the years the FSGT (founded in the thirties when adults in France
first had a fortnight of paid holiday) has promoted organised sport as a
means for building durable and friendly human relations.  There will be
a souvenir for each person to mark the occasion and awards to some of
the clubs taking part.  The organisers look forward to your taking part
in an FSGT event in a beautiful region.

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