Racing News – report 10th July.

On Wednesday the 5th July – Cycling Club Breckland promoted a 15miles Time Trial on the B15/1 course near Attleborough on the A11. Although the road surface is poor and despite a breezy hot evening many competition records were set, fastest rider on and event winner was Matthew Smith of Team Bottrill/HSS Hire who smashed the previous course record by just over a minute to finish in a time of 28.29 averaging a staggering fast 31.5mph average speed, Matthew’s time is now the 15 mile competition record. In second place was Team Velovelocity’s Matthew Senter with a time of 30.20 ahead of third placed Gary Turnock of Finsbury Park C C in a time of 31.29. Team Velovelocity won the team competition and thus set a competition record with Matthew Smith (30.20), Ben Keeley (31.59) and David Procter (31.31).


Stowmarket and District C C rider Verity Smith won the women’s prize with a time of 34.10 well ahead of V C Norwich’s Jen Smart (36.31).


Further records were set by Tricycle riders – a team from Lincoln Wheelers set tricycle team record with combined times from Andy Newham (35.39), Lez Young (39.27) and Pete Holland (46.29). Andy Hinxman riding for DRAG2Zero rode his tricycle to a solo trike competition record of 33.41 and finish 12th overall.


For C C Breckland – Chris Nudds is believed to have set an age record with his time of 34.13, Breckland’s event organiser Mark Fairhead finished in 37.58.

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