London – Edinburgh

Sending best wishes to Ian Quenby and Darrel Glover who are starting the LEL on Sunday. Their progress can be tracked on

Ian’s rider number is DD26; 

Darrel’s is G7. 

This will not give you their position on the road but records their arrival and departure from the controls. 


4 thoughts on “London – Edinburgh

  1. Martin Badham Post author

    Apologies to Jon Reed, who I missed out from the original post. Good to see you on your way home and congratulations on a successful ride.

  2. Ian Quenby

    I DNF’d at St Ives on the return leg. So so close, but a badly swollen leg prevented me from going any further. Well done to the guys that finished, even the organisers say it was one of the hardest with a 34% DNF rate.

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