Club 10 miles Lottery 2 up results.

Results from tonight Lottery 2up Handicap club 10, although numbers were low it was a grand event on hot humid evening we all gathered round to see who we paired up. As we headed down to the start Allan Holland who was paired with Tom Carroll ‘mysteriously’ punctured a stringer was mentioned? This allowed Adam Cross to ditch his Dad in favour of Tom, leaving Paul to ride solo. Was this move pre planned?🤔I was paired with Polly Mason, we discussed tactics which were something like ‘well you follow me and if you feel you come through then do so’ she did on the drag up past Scoulton, and Col de Carbrooke, dropping me on both occasions!!!
Scratch results:
Tom Carroll & Adam Cross – CCB – 23.17
Pete Fuller – VCN & Geoff Muller – CCB – 24.13
Polly Mason – Iceni Velo & Mark Fairhead – CCB 24.54
Rod Hobbs & Kay Boyden – CCB – 28.35
Paul Cross – CCB – 29.49
Fred & Pete Bate – CCB – 32.13
Results on Handicap:
Polly & Mark 15.43
Fred & Pete 15.53
Geoff & Pete 16.08
Adam & Tom 16.42
Rod & Kay 17.51
Afterwards it was round to Gravediggers Cottage for the Annual BBQ (ok, oven baked Sausages) a fine spread of food played on by Heather, Heidi and Maggie. Thanks to Don and Heather for the hospitality and making everyone feel welcome.

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