Tour de Bretagne – 2016 – Routes

Julian has sent out the following routes for those going to Brittany this Whitsun:





More details available, after translation from

Julian notes that ” The contours are not perfectly clear on the website images, if you feel like it you may be able to get better images from Stanfords, a map firm in Covent Garden, by asking for IGN Top 100 tourisme et decouverte, sheet 123 (Vannes Lorient).  This will set you back about £7.  I have not tried the ‘open runner’ website for the want of time, it may work and would provide more detail.  If you use the FSGT site versions you may need to keep an eye on the portrait v landscape snag, the alternative is to waste ink and paper.”

Martin has downloaded the GPX files for the rides but found it impossible to upload to the website. Please contact him and he will send them to you. There are 10 in all, long and short versions for Saturday am/ pm; Sunday am/ pm and Monday morning.

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